March 27, 2023

All About the Accountant

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All About the Accountant is based on the life and times of Ben Affleck, who is an aspiring California tax lawyer. Christian Bale plays the title role as an average California tax consultant who becomes more involved in his profession. He is soon found dead in the bathtub, which prompts his grieving wife to hire an investigator to find out the real reasons behind her husband’s death. What emerges is an intricate web of intrigue and murder that goes from small-time local crime to international espionage. Starring alongside Bale are Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer, Kate Beckinsale, and several others.

Christian Bale is nothing if not dedicated, which is demonstrated in his portrayal of an Accountant with much more knowledge and skill than most accountants in his field have. He is a math savant with more aptitude for numbers than most people, using a small town CPA office as his cover. Working with a legitimate government agency as a cover, he slowly becomes more involved in his profession, taking on a robotic corporation as a client. As he becomes closer to the bottom of the conspiracy, his suspicions about the discrepancies that involve millions of dollars prompt the FBI to open an investigation. Meanwhile, Christian Bale is thrust into the middle of it all as the colorful and complex character of Ben Affleck.

In All About the Accountant, Ben Affleck plays the role of an average American CPA who finds himself thrust into a world of high-stakes and mega-million dollar business intrigue. The film depicts his personal growth as he gradually becomes more involved in his profession, fighting bureaucracy and its tentacles both online and off. Although Ben Affleck’s presence as an actor was already established in Good Will Hunting, All About the Accountant further enhances his name recognition and ensures his place in the annals of great film actors.

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