December 3, 2023

Steps to identify your Niche

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Steps to identify your Niche


Before anything, let us understand what we mean by the term niche. Niche, in simple terms, means your area of interest and writing wherein you are most comfortable. 

So, how do you identify what is your area of work and writing and what will help you come out as the best? Knowing yourself is assumed to be one of the most difficult tasks. When asked about others, we can come up with huge list of suggestions and ideas, but when asked about self, all ideas come to a full stop. Therefore, the task of fetching yourself the right niche is not that easy as it seems. One may be very sure of it before they start working, but once actually on it, it may take a long turn to come back to what you want to do and that to in which field. There are people who are ready working towards their blogging activities or offering SEO content writing services but they are not satisfied with the world they are doing. This may be because they have their talents invested at a different place and are working for something different. Therefore, let us understand a few ways in which we can get ourselves acquainted with our niche:

H1. Have a Knowledge of your Passions and Skills: When talking about understanding your niche, it is important that you know your passions. It is a must that you understand and figure out what is that one thing that excites you the most, what is that one thing that can make you work even when you are tired and what is that one thing for which all your ideas flow continuously and tirelessly. Once you understand your passion, things will become way easier for you. Thereafter, you can figure out what kind of skill set do you have to pursue this passion. Find out what are your plus points and what are the negative ones and then you may go about this passion using the required skills.  People usually think that they are interested in certain things and can thus work towards it, but this thing may soon fret them out and they may start getting irritated. Therefore, choose something that will keep you gathered for at least the next five years and thus this is what your passion is. It is truly not that easy to find areas in which you are interested plus areas for which you have the skill sets. If both these areas coincide then there is nothing better for you. 

H2. Analyze your Problem-Solving Abilities and the Area which you best Function in: It is a must that you understand your potentials to work in an environment which is everyday stuffed with a new problem waiting to be dealt with. Therefore, the better you understand your ways of dealing with a problem, the better will you understand yourself and it will in turn help you out in solving the problem of finding your niche.

H3. Find a selling place for your Niche: Having thought about your passions and skills is not the end of the process. You must also find out if there is any scope for your talent being recognized and also help you earn. You cannot survive the world just by your passion, you also need to monetize it in order to move with the pace of the world and fit in it. Therefore, hunt for opportunities that can be provided to you through the world of your passion. In times today, there is nothing that has been left untouched, it is just the right research in the right direction, that will help us find our desired path. You may use the Google keyword Planner and get your hunt done through keyword research. Filter content based on search volume, competition, as well as suggested bid for the same. If the search volume is anything less than one thousand to ten thousand a month, don’t go for it. It means that there is very less to no market for this service. For competition, you can start with low so that you get an idea of the positioning of your business. Also, higher bids resemble that people will pay you a greater amount for that service. 

H4. Narrow Down your Area : You must think of narrowing down your niche. For example, if you wish to become a freelance writer, you can further narrow it down to offering great guest posts or SEO content writing services or anything like that. The more precisely you think, the better will it be for your work, because then you will know the direction for your work and go towards it. One of the best possible ways to narrow down your niche, is to visit related forums or online groups.  There you can find certain sub-niches and choose accordingly. But before getting to work on your search result, delve even deeper in order to understand and analyze the pros and cons of it. 

H5. Find out your Competition: No field is left without competition. Therefore, before you delve into the world of your niches depending upon the research, find out what kind of and how much competition can you expect from the field. Once you Google search certain keywords related to your niche, you will find a list of sites that have already been working on that niche.  This way you will get a glimpse of your competition. There are already millions of sites ranking for that particular keyword search which means that your niche is oversaturated. And even when there are no sites ranking for that keyword, then too be careful. May be the customers are not interested in such a niche. On the contrary, there may be certain sites ranking for a particular set of keywords, that may be a good sign for you since then you can choose this option as your niche and work towards it.

H6. Go for Hit and Trial method: Once you have chosen your niche, it becomes important for you to test it and see if it fetches the desired results. Testing can help you figure out whether you are on the right track. Before you actually set up your website, you can test your niche in a landing page that promotes the free info products. 

Your next task will be driving traffic to such a page. This will eventually help you figure out how many and what kind of people are interested in your niche. Also, make sure that getting traffic is important but conversions are more important. 

Thus frame your methods accordingly. Another way to test your niche is through target market. You can promote your survey anywhere in the target market, to places where you have provided great guest posts or in any industry related groups. Thus, test your niche accordingly.

Although these steps are not the set and the promised ways to earn you an audience, they can definitely be of some help to people who are beginning from scratch or are stuck at places and don’t know what to do with their lives. 

Remember, that working, carrying your passion in hand, is a large task at hand. There is hard to find a place where you can fit in your passion and skills. And once found, one must try every possible way to be a perfectionist in this process.  

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