December 3, 2023

Why You Need To Watch This Is Us

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This is Us premiered in 2016 and was a very popular show. Most probably, you know someone who watchedit religiously hopefully with a box of tissues on hand. It is a comedy-drama (although, some people would say that it’s just drama with moments of laughter here and there) which features four storylines of people whose lives are intertwined.

You have new parents Rebecca and Jack, who are trying to raise three children. There are the twins Kevin and Kate, who are going through problems while still trying to be there for each other. And then, you have Randall who recently got found his biological father. If that’s not enough to make you start binge-watching it, the. here are a couple of other reasons to tune in right now!

The Amazing Storylines

The major attraction of This is Us is the amazing storylines and it is this that keeps viewers tuning in again and again. Credit for these should be given to Dan Fogelman who created the series and is responsible for penning 54 episodes of the series.

Another talented writer who has made significant contributions to 37 episodes is Kay Oyegun while Laura Kenar had input in 20 episodes. There are also many other writers who have worked on the series. The thing that is so fantastic about the storylines is the way that viewers are always wondering what the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle is as the story moves backward and forward in time.

The Show Is Relatable

The characters of This Is Us mourn, rejoice, suffer and yearn, in such a vivid and authentic way in which fans can’t help but see reflections of themselves. The relatability of the series may even be based on the cast’s empathy for their scripted characters. As the show taps into the collective themes of humanity, it enables the actors to perform with profound authenticity.

On first reading of the script, actress Chrissy Metz said, “This is me. My life and Kate’s life are parallel. We all have something that we’re sort of ashamed about… everybody can relate to that vein of ‘I’m not proud of this, but I want to be.’” Similarly, actor Sterling K. Brown, whose character experiences the loss of a loved one, said he related on a personal level due to the loss of his real-life father.

The Elements Of Music

The musical element of the series is well worth noting. The background music reflects the emotions of the characters as well as the storyline. However, the very best musical moments are delivered by the characters themselves when they deliver their sterling performances. These are as mesmerising as playing at an online casino South Africa has to offer.

Especially noteworthy are the performances of Rebecca and Kate Pearson, who are portrayed by Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz. Both women sing throughout the series and demonstrate their outstanding vocal ability. Also, Ron Cephus Jones, who portrays Randall’s biological father William ‘Shakespeare’ Hill, plays the piano in a number of episodes. These were some of the musical highlights of the series.

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